Reena Visits Taiwan

One of the most beautiful feeling in the world is when someone believes in you and invites you overseas to share your journey of life and success.

I was privileged enough to be invited to Changhua city to teach diversity and culture to students in an international summer English camp. I was excited and amazed to stay in a temple dormitory,it turned out that I had amazing roommates who are so charming and helpful. This particular summer camp has given me the opportunity to widen the vision of the kids and make them realise how we can turn the dreams into reality.

All my colleagues were excellent and like minded.

This experience of volunteering has taught me that there are people in this world who care about humanity. A young man called sun was my interpreter and I must say that I haven’t met a gentleman like sun. He has been looking after me all along the journey and making sure that I am ok. This wouldn’t have been possible without the gorgeous Linda Huang. It is right said that like minded attract and can make a huge difference in this world . The culture and tradition of Taiwan is unbelievable, so much of love and respect all around. Another distinctive feature of Taiwan’s culture is their attitude towards food. Noticeable in its variety of eateries ranging from cheap market stalls to high end restaurants. Portions are small but many, a single meal can contain around 12 courses, with the occasional soups. 

We ventured to the Sun moon lake in the mountain of Nantou close to Taiwan’s geographical centre, also known as the heart of Taiwan. It is a popular tourist attraction. Taiwan is famous for its night market and I couldn’t stop shopping. 
Fashionable clothings to beautiful accessories to gorgeous shoes, I shopped all. 

My time spent in the camp and learning first hand about what happens in schools and living with the locals has been the highlight of the trip. 

A big thanks to mr Daniel Fong for organising such and amazing experience got the kids,giving them hope of bright future by introducing international teachers from all over the globe especially Vietnam and Australia.

Through my visit to Taiwan , I became enriched with the knowledge of the country, its culture and its constant move to educate the kids along with that also inspire continuous improvement in all innovative fields..