Indonesian Women Community celebrating Kartini Day In Brisbane

Recently, Indonesian Women community celebrated their important day called Kartini Day which was held on 21 April 2017 at Jakarta Indonesia Restaurant, New Farm.  Kartini Day is very important for Indonesian women, as RA Kartini is one of Indonesian women heroes who fought for women’s emancipation or equal rights with men.

The organiser, Ms Vera Pottinger has a strong belief of being ‘modern woman’ who working not only for her own well-being and happiness, but also supporting the community.  Vera migrated to Australia in year 1999 married with an Australian man with two children.  Even though she has been living and working in Australia for eighteen years, she never forgets her roots as a Javanese woman (Indonesian).  She is happy and self-reliant, full of enthusiasm to promote her culture to wider Australian by showcasing hand drawn batik fashion range and also be involved in multitude Indonesian and diversity communities’ activities in Brisbane.

Together with a strong team of Indonesian women who have the same vision and mission, the Kartini Day celebration was formed.    In this event, all attendees who majority were Indonesian women made this day so special by wearing Kebaya, a traditional Indonesian women costume.  Furthermore, Reena Augustine, Miss Quest 2016/2017 of United Asia Lions Club Brisbane was given an honour to share her story in relation to women empowerment.  Yes, women is capable to do the impossible thing.

The energy in the event was outstanding, especially when the ladies singing Kartini song together followed with dancing along with Javanese music to wrap the night.

Indeed, it is such an enjoyable night and unique way to celebrate Kartini Day in Brisbane.