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Today, we have with us Reena Augustine winner of the IABCA Young Community Achiever award. Feel free to join the conversation.

Posted by SBS Hindi on Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Was a pleasure to be interviewed by the most experienced and talented radio and television presenter Kumud Merani ji. sharing the journey of the achievements and the journey of Red Carpet Functions as the India Australia Young community achiever of the year 2018
Thank you SBS Hindi and a big thanks to Harita Mehta for looking after me while I was there.
“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”
— Winston Churchill
Thank you India Australia Business & Community Awards for motivation and inspiration.

Myanmar – First Red Carpet Multicultural Fashion Show

So very proud standing here in Myanmar, going to host the first Red Carpet Multicultural fashion show in the country. Thanks to the Red Carpet Functions team for making this possible
Thank you Qii- Queensland International Institute for the opportunity and believing in us 😇😇

The secret of success is to be ready when your opportunity comes

Reena Augustine – IABCA Young Community Achiever of the Year Award 2018

Reena Augustine is VERY proud to have been selected as the Young Community Achiever of the Year for 2018 at the annual IABCA Gala event.

The India Australia Business & Community Awards celebrate the Australia India relationship by exchanging success stories, entrepreneurial ideas, and tales of community leadership.

The awards recognise outstanding businesses, professionals and community leaders as they are recognised for their contributions to the India Australia relationship, and celebrate  achievements that extend beyond the horizons of individual ambitions.

Reena was appointed as the Queen’s Baton Bearer for the Commonwealth games. She was been conferred several awards including the Varnam Cultural Qld Community service award 2018, the Brisbane Women in Business Award for Community Dedication 2016 and the Lord Mayor’s Multicultural round table scholarship for 2017-2018. Further, she was placed within the Lord Mayor’s final 12 for the 2016 Mayoral Awards.

Red Carpet Recognition Night

We’re back! We are excited to announce we are once again hosting our annual Red Carpet Multicultural Fashion Show!

This year, RAAME proudly present the Red Carpet Recognition Night, which celebrates multicultural Australia.

The show will feature our 2018 Multicultural Fashion Show, showcasing our talented designers’ creative and extraordinary works, while giving thanks and recognition to those who have supported us since our inception.

So join us for a spectacular evening on the 10th of November at Parliament House to celebrate Australia’s multiculturalism.

Tickets are on sale now!

Grab them before they run out!

Strathpine Multicultural Fashion Show – Moon Festival

RAAME brings multiculturalism to the regions
—celebrating the famous moon festival at Strathpine, Qld

“Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilisation.”― Mahatma Gandhi

They say that when the opportunity knocks at your door steps you never say no, you grab and do it, if its successful you win and if not you learn.

Same happened when I was given the opportunity to put on a multicultural fashion show for Brisbane North Chinese Association Inc. to celebrate Moon festival.

I saw my dream turning into reality in a new place (Strathpine) and show in Queensland which myself and my organisation is very proud to bring to the people of Australia.

The Audience were overwhelmed to be a part of this beautiful dream of togetherness that has now become a colourful, inclusive and successful reality.

Every model came to the show with their best traditional outfit and full traditional make and were all very keen to walk the stage with pride.

The crowd was ‘wowed’ at the authenticity and diversity of models who displayed traditional attire from over 40 countries, including members as young as 3 through to seniors aged 80 who have walked the earth for much longer.

This simple act illuminated the shared values of unity and inclusivity that RAAME aspires to and and deeply resonates the values held by the founder that’s me “Reena Augustine” that, “No one is left behind”.

As they rightly say “Love is the essence of life” ,Love grows with togetherness, it is the acceptance of others in our life despite many differences. From childhood, we grow up with the love and affection of our parents and family members. We experience the different pattern of love as we grew up like the love between siblings, love between friends. In each case, love works as a bond between people. The nature of love may vary from time to time, but the destiny is one and only to encourage togetherness. And this is what we proved on the day with a huge success of bringing various cultures together and mainly the importance of a connected society

“Global connectedness” and appreciation of different cultures, plays a key part in world peace and inclusion of individuals is the main factor for eradicating depression.

Returning to our beginning…. if life is what happens when we are busy making other plans, we must all allow our plans breathing space. In a busy schedule we must never forget to pause, look around and embrace those opportunities for togetherness and multiculturalism that can be as simple as sharing a common thread.  for true and meangingful connection to cultivate within our lives we need to stop, look up and connect with authenticity.

Reena Visits Taiwan

One of the most beautiful feeling in the world is when someone believes in you and invites you overseas to share your journey of life and success.

I was privileged enough to be invited to Changhua city to teach diversity and culture to students in an international summer English camp. I was excited and amazed to stay in a temple dormitory,it turned out that I had amazing roommates who are so charming and helpful. This particular summer camp has given me the opportunity to widen the vision of the kids and make them realise how we can turn the dreams into reality.

All my colleagues were excellent and like minded.

This experience of volunteering has taught me that there are people in this world who care about humanity. A young man called sun was my interpreter and I must say that I haven’t met a gentleman like sun. He has been looking after me all along the journey and making sure that I am ok. This wouldn’t have been possible without the gorgeous Linda Huang. It is right said that like minded attract and can make a huge difference in this world . The culture and tradition of Taiwan is unbelievable, so much of love and respect all around. Another distinctive feature of Taiwan’s culture is their attitude towards food. Noticeable in its variety of eateries ranging from cheap market stalls to high end restaurants. Portions are small but many, a single meal can contain around 12 courses, with the occasional soups. 

We ventured to the Sun moon lake in the mountain of Nantou close to Taiwan’s geographical centre, also known as the heart of Taiwan. It is a popular tourist attraction. Taiwan is famous for its night market and I couldn’t stop shopping. 
Fashionable clothings to beautiful accessories to gorgeous shoes, I shopped all. 

My time spent in the camp and learning first hand about what happens in schools and living with the locals has been the highlight of the trip. 

A big thanks to mr Daniel Fong for organising such and amazing experience got the kids,giving them hope of bright future by introducing international teachers from all over the globe especially Vietnam and Australia.

Through my visit to Taiwan , I became enriched with the knowledge of the country, its culture and its constant move to educate the kids along with that also inspire continuous improvement in all innovative fields..